Quick overview of weight loss and weight gain in Mortal online 2.

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Health Reserves.

Read all the books to gain lore in respective skills. 10 potion units is equal to 0. .

You want to max the graybar out which is 75% of your bar then sit down and rest until the greybar is gone then repeat Do not eat, its counter productive.

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There are a lot of stat bonuses that depending on your weight. Therefore, best way to lose weight is jumping off really tall cliffs while having some health reserves.

Dilution and how to calculate it.


. Read all the books to gain lore in respective skills.

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Health Reserves.

1kg, so you can drink from the minor vial one.

01kg, and you can drink 10PU at a time (one sip), which means you.

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. . You have to go over the health reserve. Starting from how you brew potions to how exactly every property of a potion is calculated, and how you can find out the exact property values of any ingredient. The best way to lose weight is taking lots of damage, which will damage your health reserves. Where is the Bloodsilk Lore book? Anonymous says: February 20, 2022 at 4:07 pm.


Jumping off a cliff will lose you about 1kg every 1 or 2 health bars, suicidng will lose you 1kg every 10-20 minutes. A Guide for Mortal Online.



To gain weight you simply max out either hp or stamina reserves (so the first number.

Brownwood Lore.

You can learn this skills in <15 minutes if you push your skill processing water through the Alchemy Table.